RoxPix Branding Shoot FAQ's

To help you decide if my branding shoots are the right fit for you I've created this FAQ section for you to have a read through, hopefully this will answer any questions you might have help you feel more sure about booking a branding shoot with me!

Booking Process -

Do you do other packages or half days? 


No, I only offer a full days shoot

Do you offer discounts?


Nope, I don't discount my shoots 

What I need to reschedule or cancel? 

If you need to reschedule due to an emergency or terrible weather then I will always work with you to rearrange your shoot but during certain times of the years I'm super busy and this isn't always possible.  With cancellations you will have already paid a deposit and this is legally non refundable. 

What about expense?

If the shoot is local to me then there will be no travel expenses.  If the shoot is farther away any fuel expenses will be discussed and agreed upon at out meeting.


Planning Process - 

Do you help with shoot planning?


Absolutely! I offer tonnes of shoot advice, tips and info along with making a pin board so we can make sure we get the best from our time together.

Do you pick the locations?

If you have a spot in mind then I'm more than open to using it but if you're not sure where to go I know so many shoot locations that will be right for you and your brand.

What about the weather?

If the weather is going to be terrible then I will suggest changing the date of our shoot but you'd be surprised what kinds of weather I can not only work in but create gorgeous images in!

Do I have to have hair and make up?

You totally don't have to have hair and make up, this is something I personally recommend so you can get the absolute best out of your images.

How many outfits can I have?

This totally depends on the locations we choose in the end but I'd say to bring 8 with you but also bring extras like jackets, shoes, sunglasses, necklaces etc so we can style each outfit up or down how we'd like to

Post Shoot Process - 

How many photos do I get?

You'd get a minimum of 350 images but often my clients get more.

Do you do heavy editing and retouching?

No I don't.  I believe in keeping it very real and making sure you look in the photos how you do in real life.

 I want an image edited a certain way, will you edit it how I tell you to?

Sorry but this is a big no, no from me!  I have a unique style of shooting and editing and I don't stray from this.

Will you give me the raw images?

Again this is another big no, no.  Raw images are a totally unfinished product and I never give raw files to my clients (I don't know a photographer who would do this).

How long will it take to get my photos back?

You'll get some sneak peeks of the images within one week and then the full shoot back within 4 weeks.