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The Bronze Mirror - Georgia Tillery

I met Georgia through a friend when we went to her amazing local but she wasn’t always in such a happy place. Back in 2013 Georgia returned to Milton Keynes after university in Liverpool, one of the most creative parts of the country with a thriving arts and music base and new she had to make something more of MK. Georgia is a part owner of the café Bar Bar Black Sheep and the Black Sheep Collective in Wolverton and an integral cog in MK’s thriving Arts community

When she returned to Milton Keynes after uni she was initially promised a job that sadly fell through and she found herself working in Laura Ashley to earn money, now anyone who has ever met Georgia would know that Laura Ashley simply isn’t where she belongs!

As time went on working in the wrong environment and being so far away from a creative space had left her feeling very depressed and not quite sure where her life was heading. It was at this point that her friend Danny offered for her to move in with him.

She took him up on the offer and realised something, not only had she reached a breaking point in her life but she knew she wanted to teach. Her and Danny, who had by now become her business partner started delivering arts contracts and doing acting workshops and while it started small it grew so fast and now she is a part of something truly special.

She realised that her and Danny were always meeting up for coffee to discuss all their master plans for the next workshops etc and all their money ended up going on coffee she also knew she wanted a hub for all the creative work she was doing to thrive around, a base where other creative people could meet and chat and discuss art and creativity and that’s where BarBar came from.

Her and Danny made the café and it has become the hub and the heart of our little town, where photographers and artists can exhibit their work, where people come to laugh and chat and write and create and where Georgia’s essence of giving back, of community spirit and of social enterprise is everywhere you look… oh and they do pretty good coffee too!

Facebook – Bar Bar Black Sheep and Black Sheep Collective CIC

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