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Your Branding Shoot 

Hi I'm Rox, a female branding photographer who shoots all you creative souls, amazing entrepreneurs and business owners.

If you're the face of your business and brand and you know you need photography for your website and social media platforms that set you apart and positions you as the expert in your field then my branding shoot packages are for you....keep scrolly scolling!!

1.5 Hour Package - 

The one hour shoot is perfect for updating your content, like a little refresh!  You'd get natural photos, posed portraits and detail images, this package is priced at £500 and you'd get 50 images.

3 Hour Package - 

The three hour shoot is great for when you need that bit more coverage and want to cover a couple of different locations both indoors and out as well as multiple outfit changes.  You'd get both natural and posed portraits, detail images and various outfit changes at your locations. This package is priced at £600 and you'd get 150 images.

6 Hour Package - 

Finally we have the six hour shoot, this is really for when you're starting a new business, having a rebrand of an existing business or want to capture a whole team.  You get multiple outfit changes, multiple locations, natural and posed portraits, detail images and you don't have to worry that you're going to be pushed for time! This package is priced at £800 and you'd get 350 images.

1 Hour Mini Shoot -

I've recently added a new package to my offering, a branding mini shoot, these shoots are an hour long and you get 40 images.  This is the perfect shoot if you're looking to add to your already existing branding portfolio or if you're just starting out and want a short shoot to keep within budget.  The cost for these branding mini shoots is just £250!! 

Payment Plans -

I also offer payment plans for my branding shoots to make investing in your business that much easier.  I take an initial 30% deposit and then from there we can split the rest of the remaining payments to spread the cost.


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