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Baby Bridal Shoot No. 1 - Owen Gerrella

I met Jodi on my first day of secondary school, we bonded instantly and we went through the whole of that four year period about as tight as you can get, we listened to Blink 182 (we still do) and did eachother's make up and wore embarrassing outfits that were almost always two toned.

After school we both went to uni where life got in the way, years later we eventually reconnected and it was literally like no time had gone by at all, we laughed and joked and chatted like we were still those 14 year old girls. She came to my bridal shower and my UK wedding reception and me and our other three besties danced and laughed and joked like we were those same kids all over again...

When Jo told me her and her husband were expecting Owen I was just so happy, it's the best thing ever when people you love get exactly what they want in life.

When Owen came he brought so much joy to them, in fact he's the kind of baby that brings joy to anyone that's he's near. He's so relaxed and smiles every other second, he's always on the go and I'm amazed by how much he's doing at only seven little months.

I had this idea to photograph him inside Jo's wedding dress and god he didn't dissapoint, we popped him in the dress with the viel wrapped round him and he sat there smiling and laughing in true Owen style. I sat there and looked at him and at her and thought "wow, look what you and Dan made, look at your life, look how far we've all come" yet we're still friends, we're still part of each other's lives, we're still those Blink 182 listening girls who, given half a chance, would wear two toned dresses all over again...

This is the first in my "Baby Bridal" collection, I'm very excited to bring you more bubba in bridal wear!

If you'd like your baby photographed in your wedding dress simply email - or call 07747465440 for more info.

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