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My Yearly Autumnal Mini Shoots

Everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE Autumn and last year it was an amazing one, we had such a long, hot Summer and it mean that we had the freedom of lovely warm and balmy weather with the beauty of the bright red and orange and yellow leaves all around us.

I did another year at my favourite outdoor location for Autumnal shoots and I think I had a record amount of families booked in with me in 2018 (I'm hoping for even more in 2019!).

I like to get some traditional "posed pics" in my shoots but for the most part its about running around and jumping about and having fun, picking up sticks and throwing leaves and just letting kids do what they do best...have fun.

As always I used natural light which is always perfect at that time of year and we just ran around having leaf fights and finding our favourite outdoor treasures.

Here's just a few of my favourites which was very hard to pick believe me!

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