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How Dina Got Her Groove Back...

When I met Dina she was at the start of her coaching journey, she was still working at a job she longed to walk away from. Just a few short months later and this powerhouse of a woman has celebrated hitting a six figures in her business and spends her days helping her clients to achieve their dreams,

Recently she has set up a groundbreaking coaching programme where she teaches 9 to 5er's just like she used to be how to move away from the life they have toward a life they truly deserve.

Me and Dina met via facebook after another client recommended me and even on the messages we exchanged I just knew we'd get on like a house on fire. When we met to do her shoot it ended up snowing that day! In true Dina style she had absolutely no interest in rescheduling for a warmer day. She simply carried on with a shoot where lots of the locations were outdoors, even doing her kettlebell press shots in the snow! That's the thing you have to know about Dina, she doesn't do excuses, like at all.

We were both so happy with the results from the shoot and I've just loved seeing her using her branding images on her social media channels when she chats away to her following, helping more people just like she was to move forward with their dreams...

If you think having a shoot with me could help you communicate better with your ideal clients then get in touch and we can chat about how I can help you!



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