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What a RoxPix shoot looks like…

For me it’s always been really important that my shoots are relaxed and natural, that’s why I decided to shoot almost exclusively outdoors. Not all kids are comfortable with the constraints of being inside feeling like they’re forced to smile. On the other hand pretty much all kids love being outside, running around and feeling free.

This is the feeling I capture in my shoots and being out in nature makes this so much easier for not just me but the families I photograph too. I’m lucky enough to photograph so many families now and tonnes of the kids actually say they look forward to our shoot time together, mainly because it’s not like a typical “stand here, pose like this, smile, no not like that, like this” kind of shoot. They get to run and jump and giggle and truly be themselves. This is what I pride myself on and always will.

There’s nothing like getting to do what you love for a living and that’s what I get to do but it’s even more sweet if you know that the people you’re photographing not only love their photos but also had a great time getting them!

Here's some examples of my Daffodil shoots from this year, if you’re looking to get some family portraits done and don’t think the stiff and rigid studio environment is right for you then feel free to drop me a message!


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