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What's Professional Anyway???

I recently did an Instagram video about the idea of “professionalism” and how the potentially outdated views we hold about this idea can massively hold us back in business. People loved it and I had lots of private messages from business owners saying that they really related to what I said.

So here’s the crux of it all… professionalism is in the eye of the beholder! For a long time when I first started a business I had this idea that I had to look, dress, sound and shoot a certain way for people to think I was a professional and take me seriously, but here’s the thing, none of that is true.

Ultimately clients don’t work with us for the perfectly polished fake version of ourselves we feel we have to show to the world, they want to work with us because they actually like us, the real us and that’s what draws people to us in that mothy flame like way. They part with their hard earned money because it’s US that they want.

It took me a long time to realise this and I feel like along the way I held myself back because of this misguided belief. The truth is, the idea of what is and isn’t professional changes from person to person and business to business and THAT’S REALLY OK! In the years after I shed this false belief I started to have the success I really wanted and deserved and my god I’d love to see you have that success too (it’s way better than mugging yourself off for years for no reason!).

So if you’re sitting there feeling scattered and unfocused, worrying about how people see you and whether people take you seriously then this is your friendly neighbourhood Rox telling you that you’re amazing, you’re doing enough and you are 100% professional enough to do this thing…

If you feel like your images might be what’s holding you back from feeling as professional as you are then reply to this email and we can chat about changing that with a brand shoot. Can’t wait to chat!


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