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Baby Bridal Shoot No. 2 - Sophie Brown

When I was nineteen I started working at Jessops while I was at uni, on my first day I met Stacey, we literally clicked the first second we met, I was like "oh yeah, this girl is the girl that I'm going to have all kinds of fun with" and my god we did...and still do. We'd go out and get crazy and laugh til we cried and dance til we couldn't stand anymore and I've lost track of all the shots we drank together along the way.

Her and her husband Tim have been together for more than ten years and they also met while working at Jessops. They got married six years ago and have two little beauties together. It's always to crazy to see your friends have the babies they've always wanted. Jacob was a little too old to take part in this shoot but we got Soph just in time! Soph was suffering with her teeth the day we did these photos but as I always say to Stace "on Soph's worst day she's still the cutest baby in the world". and we stil managed to get so many gorgeous shots and she's such a little trooper you wouldn't even know she was in pain.

We wrapped her up in her mum's wedding gown and she played with her wedding shoes. Stacey found the jewellery she wore on the day and a few other keepsakes and I was able to spend a while working these into some gorgeous editorial shots.

Sophie is an amazing little girl, she's got the looks and the incredibly strong will of her mother, she's independent and so, so strong and she simply never gives up. She is her mum in a tiny little body.

This is the second shoot in my series named "Baby Bridal", if you'd like to have your little one photographed in your wedding gown simply email - or call 07747465440 for more info

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