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Wedding Visit to Chicheley Hall

Last Friday I met up with one of my brides for this year, Hayley and she showed me round her wedding venue Chicheley Hall. This is one of the many fun parts of shooting peoples' weddings, getting to photograph in seriously beautiful surroundings.

We toured the building and the grounds and I took it as a pretty good sign that I saw a bird of prey, cause anyone who knows me knows how much I adore large birds with finger wings!

I decided to do an editorial mini shoot while I was there to show you guys what the venue is like in case anyone is considering Chichely Hall for their wedding day, one of the many things I really liked about this venue was the light, it was actually a pretty windy, gloomy day when me and Hayley were there but the light was so gorgeous in the venue that you couldn't tell.

If there's one thing I adore as a photographer it's good natural light cause this girl ain't one for using flash, it bleaches out colours, it removes all sense of atmit osphere and I just hate using it unless I absolutely have to and thankfully this is one venue where I wont't have to...yay!

Another thing this girl loves is photographing engagement rings, there's something so special about it, that ring represents so much and a portrait of it can not only look gorgeous but be surprisingly meaningful.

Can't wait til the big day on 23rd December, not only is this venue really special but it will be Christmassy too!

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