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Wedding Inspiration...

I've been so excited since Spring came, there is just so much more prettiness all around me, to celebrate the prettiness I decided I wanted to do a few wedding detail inspiration shots.

Perhaps you're planning a wedding and you're looking for cute ideas or perhaps you're just bored at work, either way here's some photos for you.

The glasses all came from my husband's granddad when he passed away, each one of them is totally different and really that's what I love about them. carnations have always been my favourite flowers, I had them in mine and my bridesmaid's wedding bouquets and even though Charlotte from Sex and the City called them "filler flowers" I was always more of a Carrie who loved them "especially the pink ones". My wedding bouquet was pink carnations and so are these...

The cutlery was my husband's grandparents too, it's real silver and I really have no idea how old it actually is or whether it was passed down to them before it made it's way to us.

The wedding and engagement rings are mine...the symbols that have meant more to me than anything else I've ever owned. When Karl got down on one knee and gave me the ring I got everything I ever wanted and on the day we got married I stood with him and all the most important people in our lives and knew I was standing next to the man I wanted to be next to for the rest of forever.

When I look at these photos I see our engagement, our wedding, our families and our best moments. I see all the people that have been there, all the people who've moved to heaven and all the people still with us on this spiritual plain...

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