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Natalie and James's Crockwell Farm Wedding...

You know when something just comes together and nothing can spoil it, well that was Natalie and James's wedding day. They chose a seriously beautiful venue, Croockwell Farm in Daventry. It was my first time shooting there and the attention to detail at that place is something else.

Me and Natalie went to the same secondary school and we've known each other for a long time now and I was just so so happy when she asked me to be part of the best of her life. I knew straight away that this would be a wedding day to remember. Natalie is a very organised person and her attention to detail for her wedding makes me think that though she's fulfilling her life's dream as a teacher that wedding coordinator is something she could very easily pull off!

It was 1st August in the UK so of course it rained, I like to think that even the sky was emotional about their love story so it cried...

I took a hell of a lot of photos at this wedding and Natalie and James came away with 537 images in the end but for the sake of this blog post I've just chosen some of my absolute favourites and believe me, that was a challenge cause I can't tell you how much I adored this day. Sometimes you have weddings where you can literally your skill level growing and this was definitely one of those times.

It was also one of those weddings where I smiled from ear to ear pretty much the whole time was there, from laughing so hard with Natalie and her bridesmaid and family while she was getting ready, to watching Natalie and James tie the knot, watching them take their first steps as husband and wife and all the laughs we had during the bride and groom portraits, right til they laughed their way through their first dance and I was deeply honoured to be the one who got a front row seat for all of it.

This was a day where everyone laughed and everyone cried and those are the best kinds of weddings...

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