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Intimate Wedding Photographer Milton Keynes

When I went to Marion and Chris's house for their wedding meeting straight away I knew I loved them. We talked and laughed and drank tea and by the end of the meeting Marion was showing me her wedding outfit in her spare room.

They'd both been married before in a previous life, they both had grown up kids and they both knew they wanted to have a seriously small and intimate ceremony. So we all assembled at the registry office on a beautiful sunny and crisp day in October and watched them start the rest of their lives together.

Including me there was nine people at this event and I have to say it really has sparked a love of intimate ceremonies for me, I hope to do many more in the future. There's something so special about the calm and quiet that you get at a small ceremony (but don't worry they had a big, loud reception later that week with all their mates!).

There's no time limit on soul mates. These two are proof positive of this, their love is something anyone could see. They sat waiting for their ceremony with Chris cracking jokes, they laughed and smiled and loved their whole way through their ceremony and posed photos and the look in their eyes as they smiled at each other was perfection.

The light on their wedding day was the kind of light that makes my soul happy. It's that kind of light that you only get in the autumn, where it's bright blue and it makes the colour of the changing leaves even more bright and vibrant. It was the perfect backdrop to their love story.

Marion kept insisting that she wasn't a "proper bride" cause she wasn't wearing the big white dress and a veil but on that day, with her man and that smile on her face, in my opinion she was about as "proper bride" as you could possibly get.

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