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Sophia and Craig's Wedding Day at Whittlebury Hall (oh and their dogs of course!)

I met Sophia and Craig at the wedding of my oldest friend and they said that they decided they wanted me to be their wedding photographer then...that was in 2014! It was such a massive compliment and when I went round to catch up with them and chat about their wedding one of their dogs had just given birth to puppies. Now anyone who knows me can imagine how happy this made me, to say that I'm a dog person would be a slight understatement.

Soph and Craig breed Boston Terriers and have four themselves, these dogs are absolutely their babies so of course they had to have them at the ceremony when they got married. Dogs at the ceremony and in the wedding photos was just one of the amazing things about their wedding (and they were amazing as you can see from the photos!)

Whittlebury Hall's Orangery was the setting for their ceremony and the room looked amazing, the chairs were gold and they have a tremendously talented pianist who serenades the congregation with a medley of both romantic and theatrical songs.

Craig's Dad changed his residence to heaven long before his wedding so it was very important to that he be part of it and my god was he part of it. There was a special candle honouring him that watched over them during the ceremony and the speeches and Craig's speech to him had everyone overcome with emotion.

Another really exciting thing about Craig and Soph is that they are avid dancers, I knew that their wedding dance would be amazing but I wasn't prepared for just how special it really would be. They danced the most emotive dance I've ever seen to Metalica's, Nothing Else Matters and it was another moment during the day that brought everyone to their knees emotionally.

This day might have been a day full of emotion but even more so this was a day full of laughter, all you could hear all day long was people in hysterics, these two have a lot of friends and there was so much love on that day, the dancer friends are particularly fun to photograph, they always manage to make a fun wedding even more fun. It might have rained all day long on that day in December but Soph and Craig's mood couldn't have been further from the weather...


Photography - RoxPix Photography

Hair Styling - Jo Wilcox

MUA - Stacey from the Wax Pot Boutique

Venue dressing - Whittlebury Hall

Catering - Whittlebury Hall

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