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Horwood House, a Truly Beautiful Venue...

Set in the countryside of Buckinghamshire is the beautiful Horwood House, it's a really stunning venue with grounds that offer so many options for wedding photography. The facade of Horwood House itself make for a gorgeous image, with its red bricks and black frame windows but Horwood also has a really special fountain pond that has the estate as it's backdrop.

It's one of those venues that has absolutely loads of options for photos within a relatively small area, meaning you don't have to walk for miles to get a number of different backdrops for your wedding imagery, which when you're a bride in heels is an attractive selling point!

Horwood House itself is a pretty awe inspiring building and a great shot with the bride and groom stood in front of it, there's a little wishing well with a gorgeous magnolia tree next to it that blossoms into the most amazing pink blooms every Spring, there's the pond area where you can capture the reflection of the venue in it's waters and there are countless spaces to capture memories with huge trees, a bright white gazebo and iron fence details.

The inside of this venue is as beautiful as the outside with huge fireplaces and iron windows that let the light stream in and the ceremony room has the most stunning features that make it one of those places that is a joy to photograph.

Looking round the grounds and the building made me so excited for the wedding I'll be shooting here next year, it'll be one of those days where I'll just want to capture one last image and then another one last image and you can see how that's a cycle that could just go on forever!!

To book me for your day at Horwood House just go to

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