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Wedding Photographer Milton Keynes - Rachel and Dave's Wedding at the Church Restaurant Northamp

When Jamie and Kirsty moved in next door to us years ago we knew straight away that they were lovely people. Flash forward about four years and though they were no longer our neighbours I'd done photos shoots for the family and Jamie's mum Rach asked me to photograph her wedding at the Church Restaurant.

I was so excited to be asked because not only are Rach and Dave one of the nicest couples I've ever worked with who always appreciate my work (they're basically dream clients) but the venue they chose is one of my favourites, I shot a wedding there in 2014 and couldn't wait to get back there for the next one.

It's a very unique place, as the name says it used to be a church that is now a restaurant and as such it still has the beautiful stain glass all over the building, they have kept all the old and original features but added some new and contemporary touches that compliment the venue so, so perfectly.

The Church Restaurant is slap bang in the middle of Northampton city centre, it's one of those places that you could drive straight past unless you were looking for it, which is kind of what I love about it, it's a gem hidden in plain sight.

The staff at this venue are second to none, you can truly tell how much they care about what they do, there is such amazing attention to detail and they make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves to the max. I just adore the atmosphere there. It's actually one of the smallest wedding venues I've shot in and that's another thing that makes it super special, it's a small venue with a big spirit and even though it doesn't have large grounds at all couples certainly don't miss out on plentiful photo opportunities.

From the stain glass backdrop inside, the detailed wooden door of the building, the willow tree in the garden, the brick walls of the building, you really do have so many options for a photographer to get creative.

I can't say enough nice things about this place, so now all there is to do is sit back and wait for the next time I get to shoot here... *checks inbox*

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Photography - RoxPix Photography

Hair Stylist - Rheannon Rogers of GlamouriZe

Make Up Tutorial - Sam Goss - Lipgloss

Bridesmaids Hair - The Cutting Room, Weston Favell

Nails - Nail 2005, Weston Favell

Brows and Lashes - Better Brows, Weston Favell

Floristry - The bride herself!

Groom's hair cut and cut throat shave - The Becket's Experience, Wellingborough

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