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Elise and Michael's Beautiful Wedding Day at Oaks Farm in Croydon

I remember when my cousin Michael was born, he is the younger brother of my cousin Mel and me and her were the exact same age. It was an absolute honour for me to get to be the one who captured his wedding day. It was a day full of family and my favourite weddings are always the ones where I know loads of people.

Michael and Elise have been together for years and we were all so happy when they said they were engaged. Elise's Mum is a florist so we knew that the venue would look stunning and we weren't dissapointed. I kind of think of this wedding as the Beauty and the Beast day because there was a a thousand red roses and Elise's dress and hair looked like Belle (thankfully Michael didn't look like the Beast though).

The venue for both their ceremony and reception was the beautiful Oaks Farm in Croydon, it's one of those stunning venues that are off the beaten path but in the center of Croydon at the same time. You go down a tiny road with lovely fields either side that are so typically English. The road opens up and you can see the venue and know straight away that this is a place where so many people have had the best day of their lives.

The staff at this venue are so fantastic and make the day incredibly special for everyone that go there. There are so many places to get stunning photos and because the grounds aren't enormous you don't have to walk too far to get them. The inside of the this venue is as lovely as the outside and there are so many little facets of both the ceremony and receptions rooms.

Elise's dress was one of the most unique dresses I've ever photographed in ten years of shooting weddings. She had it specially designed by the incredibly talented Caroline Arthur Bridal. The dress was amazing to photograph, the material was so decadent and it just hung in the most beautiful way without having to be moved or primped.

The flowers were absoloutely spectacular, red roses everywhere you looked, in the bouquets, on the center pieces and even with the cake. Elise's Mum Hazel totally out did herself and everyone was commenting on how amazing the blooms were.

Michael and Elise chose to have a harpist for their ceremony and drinks reception. There's something about a harpist that sets such an ethereal mood. It's one of those instruments that adds so much emotion to an event.

The food was really great, we all had a huge pie each and everyone was absolutely stuffed by the end of the meal. When the evening came they cut the cake and served it up and it was totally delicious, it was one of cakes that really did taste as good as it looked.

Michael and Elise smiled and laughed all day long, they are so completely in love and you could see it in every single photo of them together. It was a wedding day where literally every single person had such a brilliant time, Michael and his friends have been friends since primary school and there was so many "lads bants", although Elise and her bridesmaids gave the boys a run for their money and danced all night long while laughing til they cried.

By the end of the night no one wanted the wedding to end, even the DJ asked if he could keep going!! Very few weddings are as fun and Michael and Elise's, every single person laughed and joked and talked and danced their way through from their arrival to the last dance of the night and it will be a day that no one will forget, least of all me...

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