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Tracey and Roy's "We got there in the End" Wedding - Bletchley Registry Office

Tracey and Roy were together when they were seventeen and it was the usual story, Roy was a bit of a wild boy and Tracey knew he wasn't ready to settle down, they went their own separate ways but they never ever quite forgot about each other.

Throughout Tracey's life she has faced a

tonne of hard times and more than her fair share of tragedies but the one real and true thing in your life will always find you and for her that is Roy. While Tracey was facing her tough times Roy was out there thinking about her and missing her.

After many years, various marriages and four children between them they eventually found their way back to each other. They got back together about thirty five years after they started and fell more in love than they have been when they were kids (puppy love ain't got nothing on these two).

They gathered their absolute nearest and dearest and for a really low key, family celebration at the Bletchley Registry Office on a bright and beautiful day in February. Everyone mocked Tracey in the way people always do with brides, saying she was lucky he turned up but after the ceremony, during the posed pictures she told me that on the morning of the wedding Roy turned to her and said "you promise you'll be there right", after all these years he can't quite believe that it's her, it's them and it's for real.

It was one of those really and truly special intimate wedding days, where we gathered at one of her daughter's (absoloutely stunning) houses to get Tracey ready and from that moment to the end of the day I don't think I saw either Tracey or Roy without a smile on their faces, all you could hear all day was the sounds of laughter, which at a wedding is the best sound you can have.

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