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Daffodil Spring Shoot Days

This time last year I did my mini daffodil shoot days which went incredibly well, this year I wanted to do the same but with Spring being about as easy to predict as the winning lottery numbers I had to do what I call "Flower Stalking" which I'm very well versed at now.

I'm blessed in Milton Keynes with so many amazing locations and it makes it easier to take the kind of photos I want to take and own the kind of business I want to own. I just never had any desire to be in a studio all day long, totally cut off from nature. I'm the kind of hippie, tree hugging weirdo that likes to be in a field as close to all the wildlife I can be.

Above are some of my absolute favourites from this years Spring Mini Shoots, there was so many laughs and so much fun at these shoots, we stood among the daffodils, we giggled together and then afterwards we went to the nearby park cause you can't take kids to a location so close a park and not let them go!

Spring came early this year which meant the daffodils were gone quicker than they usually are but we damn well had fun in them while they were here...

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