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The Grumpy Cook Cafe Grand Opening

Barry is the "Grumpy Cook" and Sandy is the front of house making everyone happy. Together they already have a lovely cafe in Howe Park Woods and when I heard they were opening a second in Shenley Church End I knew I had to get over there for the opening to photograph it.

It was such a lovely event, cakes and pastries and customers both old and new, bloggers and the Parks Trust. Everyone chatted and laughed and tasted the free cake and all agreed that this was going to be yet another Sandy and Barry success.

The location and style of the new cafe is different from the first which totally works cause the new cafe is in a totally different type of area, I absolutely loved the wooden clad walls and the New York cafe deli style of the place and everything just felt so homely and chilled.

Here are a few of my favourites photos from the Grand Opening shoot, I got a mixture of cakes and cafe with a few of Barry and Sandy and there staff thrown in, my favourite is definitely the one of the Barry and Sandy together laughing, they just look so, so happy and with the success of both of their cafes they have a lot to be happy about...

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