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Shoot at Swan Cottage...

I came across Swan Cottage, the way I have found so many other amazing places, via facebook, I was looking for a really special place that sold flowers and I found Swan Cottage and when I did I found a place that does so much more than sell flowers.

Zoe and her husband Neil have created an absolute oasis of home grown blooms, they plant, grow, pick and sell all from their stunning home in Stoke Hammond. What Zoe doesn’t know about plants isn’t worth knowing and together with their dog Archie they make the perfect team. They are passionate about home grown blooms and “grown not flown” has kind of become their moto.

This place is the epitome of idyllic, when you’re there you could be a world away, you totally lose yourself in the sprawling gardens, the perfect blooms and the warm welcome.

This is the most ideal place for DIY brides who want perfect flowers but also have a creative side, once you give Zoe your colour choices she can guide you through your choices, offer advice on blooms and just generally be amazing.

In this post, I have attached some of my favourites from the shoot we did to celebrate British Flower Week. Their sweet peas were in full bloom and the sheer amount of them was pretty awe inspiring!

So, if you’re planning wedding and you really want a place that can provide you with the most beautiful blooms along with brilliant advice and guidance then this is definitely the place for you…oh and you can fuss a dog too so where’s the bad?!

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