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My Summer Mini Shoot Sessions

This Summer I literally couldn't wait to get out there and do my Summer Mini Shoot days, the weather was so perfect for them and I chose a location that had a lovely mix of nature and old English touches. I had so many amazing families, I love doing these shoot days, I get to meet so many people in a relatively short space of time and get to see so much love and happiness.

My mini shoots are 30 minutes long which is the perfect amount of time for a lot of kids, especially the older babies, I mean at that age 30 minutes is as long as you can do anything right?!

Well here are my absolute favourites from the shoot days, there were so many great ones and I could have included loads more but I had to stop somewhere or this entire blog post would be all photos and no words!

My favourite thing about what I do is that I do it outdoors, I very rarely do any shoots inside and these photos prove why, the joy that comes over the faces of the little kids as they see that they don't just have to stand rigidly for posed pictures but get to run around like maniacs fills me with so much happiness and it's there, in that maniac running that we get the best shots!

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