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Our Christmas Trip to the Cotswolds

When I was a kid I lived for a couple of years in the Cotswolds, just outside Cheltenham in both the villages of Cleeve Hill and Woodmancote. The Cotswolds is a truly magical place, it's so old and full of history, I kind of feel like parts of it are like a place untouched by time. As you drive through you see rolling hills, little churches and pheasants grazing in fields. The abundance of wildlife there is something that makes the areas incredibly special.

In 2016 me and my husband wanted a break away in Autumn so we decided to stay in Cleeve Hill, a beautiful hotel and just up the road from where I used to live as a child. At the end of 2017 we decided to go back just after Christmas.

The drive from Milton Keynes to Cleeve Hill is seriously beautiful and it only takes an hour and a half to get there! As we got closer to the Cleeve Hill we realised that the Cotswolds had had some serious snow and the place legit looked like a Winter Wonderland. As we approached the hotel we could hear the happy cries of children sledging down the hill just behind our hotel and the whole place just looked magical.

Getting the car up the hill was a bit hairy but Karl managed it with the helped of some of the other hotel residents who pushed our car into a space in the car park. We then unpacked and did exactly what we went there to do...relax our asses off!

While we were there we went for walks and took photos, we visited Bourton on the Water which is a place that I recommend everyone goes to at least once in their lives. We ate drank and got merry and I have no doubt that we'll go back soon.

Below are some of faves from our trip!

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