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How to Prepare for your Wedding Photography

So he put a ring on it and now you have to decide on all the wedding vendors in the world. Preparing for a wedding can seem like the most daunting thing ever but in my opinion when it comes to weddings there is no "normal" and you really just have to do you.

Some people may want a huge wedding, others small, some lots of vendors, others just a few and there really isn't a right or wrong way, it all comes down to how you've lived your life so far. If you have a massive family and are super tight with them then a big wedding makes sense for you. If you've have a small family and a small circle then a small wedding may be a better fit.

When couples get engaged it seems like every person they're related to, are friends with or have even passed on the street have an opinion about all the various wedding vendors they'll absoloutely need. By my feeling is that if you've got this far in life it's probably cause you have a working brain and if certain vendors haven't occurred to you it's because you maybe don't need or want them. Not all services are for everyone. Just figure out what are the most important to you as a couple and then just ignore everyone else's scare mongering.

As for photography I can offer some useful advice on how to pick the right one for you and how to help them to get the best results on the day. So fear not, below are my RoxPix Hints and Tips for how to prepare for your wedding day.


1. Don't book a photographer purely on price. I know it can be tempting to go with the "best deal" but your wedding photos are some of the most precious things you'll own, you want to be sure that you'll come away with photos that truly represent how your day went and you as people. Booking a photographer based only on price is normally the way that you don't really get a personal service.

2. Don't be afraid to ask your photographer lots of questions. If you have lots of queries about how things will go on the day and the finer details the be sure to ask this before the big day so you can be as relaxed as possible.

3. Don't forget to get your photographer to draw you up a contract. Contracts protect not only the photographer but you as a couple as well, Your photography contract will outline exactly what you get and exactly what's expected of your photographer on your big day including time frames and costing.

4. Don't be afraid to share your pose ideas with your photographer. For me I always think it's really cool when the couple has a few ideas of their own that we can build on. I like to lead the photos for the most part but bride and groom input is always welcome and sometimes where the best images come from.

5. Don't forget to tell your photographer about your family situation, like is anyone warring and just won't talk to each other. This one is really important, I personally always ask my couples this question but it's always good to make sure you tell your photographer about any strained relationships between parents or other family members or friends just so your photographer can have a heads up not to pose these people together and add extra strain to the situation. I've shot a few weddings where parents have been less than amicable and it always makes it way less awkward to not being calling for people to stand next to each other in front of a huge group of people when a few months before they wanted to run each other over with their car.


1. Do always make sure you go with the right photographer for your day. Now this may seem obvious but so much of the time people may feel they have to have certain photographer cause they were recommended to the couple by a family member or friend but the most important thing is to meet with some photographers and get to know them. For the most part you'll get a sense right away if they're the right fit person for you. I always say that because I'm a female photographer and do a lot of bridal prep shots before hand that if the bride isn't comfortable with me seeing get changed then I'm probably not the right fit for her!

2. Do make sure you like their style of photography. This is in the same vein as the last point but again it's super important to make sure that you look through a photographer's portfolio and feel excited that this is what your photos will look like. If you want a more relaxed style and what you're seeing is much more posed then they may not be the right fit for you. It's important to remember that there's a perfect photographer out there for each couple.

3. Do remember to add an engagement shoot to your package if you're a little nervous about having your photo taken. An engagement shoot can seem like the last thing you'll want to do if you don't like having your photos taken but it can really help you to relax and get to know your photographer and that way it won't be a surprise on the day about how they will direct and pose you.

4. Do remember to get your posed photo choices to your photographer so they can have this with them on the day. I personally have a list of poses I send my couples that they can add to and take away from how they like, they then give this back to me and I have it with me on the day. This ensures that the posed photos go as quickly and smoothly as possible so you have maximum time for fun and laughs with your guests. This is particularly important for couples planning Winter weddings when it can be super cold out.

5. Do remember to enjoy your bride and groom portraits, embrace each other, get all the shots you want, try to relax and be present in the moment cause this is the way your photographer will get the best photos for you. Try not to get too worried about your hair or make up or the fact that you didn't lose that last pound and instead think about the fact that you've just married the love of your life and this is the time of the day to really enjoy yourself and as Raold Dahl said "if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely".

Well there you have it, my RoxPix cheat sheet for how to get the best out of your wedding photography.

Below are some of my favourite wedding images from the last year or so...

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