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Afternoon Tea at Fawsley Hall

I recently shot a wedding at the beautiful Fawsley Hall, I'll be doing a whole blog post on the wedding but for now I just wanted to do a post on the venue itself. This place is truly spectacular and I'm amazed that until earlier this year I hadn't even heard of it!

It's only thirty minutes out of Milton Keynes and in my opinion the perfect size for a wedding venue, it's both big enough and small enough all at the same time. There are loads of photo opportunities, you can use the facade of the building which with it's light coloured stone and enormous windows and this is pretty breathtaking on it's own but you also have the stunning grounds with hedge arches and stone steps, an old church in the distance and a quaint garden with huge trees all around.

The best thing about the grounds is that they're not too big so you don't have to walk for ages and ages which allows the bride and groom more time with their guests. We've all been to that wedding where the bride and groom were gone for hours having their photos taken with their guests twiddling their thumbs.

In the lead up to the big day I went and visited the venue, I took my Mum with me cause I just knew it was the kind of place she'd love and we stayed for afternoon tea which they fit us in for with no notice. I can't eat yeast so sandwiches are out for me so they whipped me up one of the most delicious salads I've ever had with cauliflower and a tangy dressing and I can say without a doubt that the scones we had were the best both of us had ever tasted.

In conclusion Fawsley Hall is really special place, it's old and beautiful and has so many little features that make it really unique, I just can't wait for my next wedding here!

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