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The Bronze Mirror - Kellie Warlosz Story

Me and Kellie met through a mutual client and friend and have supported each other businesses ever since. Kellie owns and runs the salon Bowtique in Crownhill where she offers basically everything you could imagine to do with the beauty industry but before Kellie had her own salon she started as a hairdresser working from home.

When Kellie started hairdressing she offered hair cuts and “glamour days” to her clients from her own kitchen. She got together with other women who did make up and nails to offer this to her clients but her popularity soon made it clear that if she was going to grow her business she would need to have a salon to do so.

She’s a mum of three amazing girls and as they grew she knew their family home couldn’t stay the home of her business so after lots of hard work, many viewings and some late nights she opened Bowtique, a salon that offers haircuts, gel nails, waxing, make up, clothes, massage and more.

Kellie is one of those women who when she “went up” she took everyone she knew with her and that’s what I love about her, she’s not just committed to her own success but to the success of her friends too. She recalls that she started with just two other women and now her empire has grown to fourteen!

Every time I see her she’s always got new ideas and plans and fingers in pies. She aims high and dreams even bigger and I admire her ability to always push herself and her business forward. When you go to Bowtique you can see her style and feel her energy everywhere, she’s the kind of person that could talk anyone into anything and it’s that spirit and energy that has helped her salon become the huge success it has over the past three years. I remember the salon’s first day, I was there photographing the event and I just knew it was destined for big things.

Along with her business she’s also one of those people who likes to give back and to that end she is having a ball on 11th November in aid of Demetia care, just another one of the amazing things she’s doing for her community.

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