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The Bronze Mirror - Stacey Brown

Me and Stacey have known each other since we were eighteen, we’ve been there for all of the most important events in each other’s lives and she really is one of those people who is always there for me, she’s always supported all my crazy ideas and in turn I’ve supported her business ventures. Stacey has such a spark of creativity along with the fact that she could sell ice to the Eskimos. Stacey owns Once Upon a Fold where she makes beautiful book fold creations for all your most special memories.

Stacey started her working life in retail where she stayed for many years going from manager position to manager position and was always in high demand, but she knew she wanted something more. Along side her day job she started a hobby of making jewellery and not surprisingly people loved her creations and wanted to buy them.

Her work life and jewellery hobby were ticking along nicely when she got the best news of her life, she was pregnant! As she enjoyed life as a new mother she put work and hobbies aside until her son was one year old and just as she was getting back into jewellery making she had the amazing news that she was pregnant again.

This was when she decided to change the direction of her business from jewellery making, a business that isn’t really so safe with a toddler and a baby in the house to booking folding cause, you know, it’s much harder for a baby to choke on a book! She taught herself how to do basic folds at first and worked this around being a mum of two but over time her skill level got higher and higher and her book folds more and more elaborate.

Now she not only undertakes private commissions she also designs and sells her own book folding patterns online, has a book folding group on facebook and this in turn has lead to her doing local workshops where people can come along and learn how to book fold for themselves.

As if Stacey isn’t busy enough with book folding and raising two little ones she also owns The Wolverton Hub which has both a facebook page and a website where she posts about local events, and exciting things happening in Wolverton and through the hub she also runs local craft workshops for kids and parents to enrich the local community.

Facebook – Lucky Penny Creations and The Wolverton Hub

Website – and

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