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The Bronze Mirror - Phillipa Lauren Robertson

I first found out about Phillipa when I was flipping through a local magazine and saw an interview with her, we chatted back and forth and straight away I knew this was someone I would rally got on with. Phillipa is an interior designer who owns Pip Interiors.

Phillipa was always torn in school between doing the sensible subjects and doing something more creative. Years later when she went to university she chose a safer road and did Geography. When she left uni and met her husband to be they bought their beautiful home, but she realised she wasn’t truly happy in her career and that “no house or sum of money would ever change that”.

With this in mind she spoke to an old contact, a design director for advice and a job. As time went on she got a new job, left that one, then got another one with very long hours and lots of travel but it was here that she learned a lot about her craft. While this job was a great learning experience she was working very hard for not much reward so decided to leave and take another job but always kept freelancing at the same time.

It was while she was doing this that she had the realisation that she was more than capable of going at it on her own. She didn’t have a website, she didn’t have business cards, she didn’t really have a plan, but she knew this was what she was meant to be doing and she knew that she could do it…so she did!

Now her business is going from strength to strength, she designs homes, does styling, works for private clients and does home staging for house selling. Phillipa has such a warm nature and is so accessible, she says part of what she tries to do is break down the stereotype that having an interior designer is only for a certain type of person, she loves to work with real people to create real homes for real lives.

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