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The Bronze Mirror - Rebecca Chamberlain

I met Rebecca when she brought her sons to my husband’s martial arts association and we hit it off straight away. Rebecca is a writer and website designer who owns the business RLC Words, she writes “How To” blogs, copy for businesses and designs the most beautiful and easy to navigate websites ever.

Rebecca has been writing professionally since 2000, she studied journalism at university and went onto a writing job almost immediately after finishing her degree. Her writing eventually led her to the role of Head of Internal Investigations in Yorkshire where she is originally from.

In 2011 her and her husband had the first of their two amazing boys and later in 2014 he was offered a job in Milton Keynes, so the family made the brave move to relocate and started their life in MK. After Rebecca had their second son she started voluntarily writing articles as a way of getting her “back into writing”.

She met Sam Poole of Mum to Mum MK and became an admin for this page, helping Sam out with posts and monitoring the page and eventually became an integral cog in the Mum to Mum machine. When Sam made her move to Spain Rebecca was one of the people who steered the ship in her absence.

She initially started her business after someone asked for help with writing their CV and from there, her business blossome. Very quickly it has grown and it’s totally due to Rebecca’s hard work and amazing attention to detail. When you work with her you really feel her put her heart and soul into each project and she has an amazing way of being able to communicate about “teach stuff” that allows anyone to understand the details without leaving them feeling overwhelmed. She now undertakes ghost blogging, proof reading and she designs and builds amazing websites.

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