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The Bronze Mirror - Anne Goldsmith

Anne is one of those people who is impossible not to like, as soon as you meet her her infectious smile and her amazing hair just make you instantly at ease. Anne worked as a teacher for sixteen years and along the way saw some very challenging behaviour from some students that were really struggling, this was what lead her (only eighteen months ago!) to owning her own business, Behaviour First Consultancy where she puts her works as a Positive Behaviour Consultant and Parenting Coach into action helping kids and parents to improve first communication and behaviour in turn.

Anne always wanted to help people as much as possible and after a challenging time with her own daughter’s behaviour and how well she dealt with it she was actually asked to teach at daughter’s school! Flash forward to 2014 and she was working around the kids in supply teaching but no one in the family was happy with the set up.

Her husband decided to change jobs and this allowed Anne to only work three days a week. During this time, she did one to one teaching within the SEN environment, helping students in the sort of way she had always wanted to in the mainstream setting.

In 2015 she had an accident that ended in a gashed head and months of recovery and ironically it was during this time that she set up her own business and out of the ashes of the injury Behaviour First was born. While at a NLP expo she had a chance to put herself forward for a competition where you could win a course with an amazing business coach that she ended up winning.

The course proved to be transformative and she continued with the coach after as an important way of growing her business. Her first clients were parents needing help, those first clients lead to her going into schools to help directly and she now even delivers talks and training to teachers themselves on how to better assist and guide children with behavioural needs.

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