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A Truly Perfect Day...

Me and Katie have been friends since I was 19, we met at college when I kicked down a door to get into a room we both needed to use (maybe don’t mess with me lol!) and we’ve been friends ever since. Me and Kate have always had a special bond, we kind of just “get” each other, she’s one of the very few people who I feel always truly knows what I’m thinking and feeling.

When she met Mark I knew that this was THE guy, they were absolutely besotted with each other from day so it didn’t surprise me at all when at Disneyland (100% Kate’s happiest place on earth) Mark popped the question and from there they started planning their wedding.

They decided they’d have their ceremony at the Guildhall in Northampton which is a really lovely venue, full of beautiful little details and gorgeous architecture, they then followed this with a reception at the Abbey Hill Golf Course.

This was a really special day for me, not only was I the photographer but I was also a bridesmaid as well. How do you photograph a wedding when you’re in a wedding I hear you say? Well thankfully my amazing and talented husband was there to capture the moments I couldn’t but on the whole, I wasn’t too different to a normal day of shooting for me.

We managed to get some seriously spectacular shots during the ceremony and then when we went to the golf course Hannah the wedding planner (legit the best wedding planner I’ve ever come across, you need this woman in your life if you’re planning your wedding) helped us to get some perfect “golden hour” shots all over the course. Also, you get to go in a golf buggy too so it’s a win win.

This wedding was a day to remember for so many reasons…one of my oldest friends marrying her soul mate, getting to be a bridesmaid and the photographer, being part of all that love but mostly because of all the memories I captured. Kate’s mum happened to be terminally ill at the time and I remember as soon as she got engaged, I told her I wanted to be the one to get to take those photos. Those are the photos you’ll treasure forever, they’re the photos you hold to your heart on special occasions, they’re the photos you show your children when you’re introducing them to their Grandmother and it’s about the most special and awesome responsibility to get to be the one who takes those photos.

That was a really happy day, we laughed A LOT, we cried quite a bit too, we danced and smiled and drank all the prosecco and at the end Kate and Mark were husband and wife and all was right with the world…

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