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The Bronze Mirror - Bhavini Lakhani's Story

Me and Bhavini met through a friend and have been friends ever since. She’s a wonderfully talented graphic designer with an eye for details and making peoples’ vision come true.

Bhavini told me that she actually never even wanted to be self-employed. She was working in London with all the excitement that that brings when she became pregnant and while on maternity leave she was given the choice to either take redundancy or come back as a web developer, she chose redundancy and thought she’d get a new job, this was a curve ball and a half and something she really wasn’t expecting. She freelanced in London for two years before making a big decision.

Her and her husband had lived in London together for a long time and he’d even been brought up there, Bhavini was an MK girl and finally managed to convince him that a move here would be the best for both them and the kids andshe was absolutely right. It didn’t take her husband long to come round to life in MK and with their two beautiful girls they made a new life in Milton Keynes.

As they say “invention is the mother of necessity”, so with that in mind she decided to really push her graphic design business now she was in Milton Keynes and not surprisingly took to it like a duck to water, her business was blossoming and growing with amazing speed. Just as she was making a name for herself and becoming successful in her own right she was head hunted and offered the chance to work for another firm.

Now I always say that in life we have choices, normally there’s two, one choice is easy and really, it’s only reward is that it’s easy. In true Bhavini style she decided not to take the easy route, turned down the job and has been moving from success to success ever since. Her design is stunning, and I couldn’t have imagined anyone else doing the graphic art for this project.

Running a business is challenging enough but she manages to do it with two daughters to raise and even with all that pressure she still won an the Highly Commended Award in the Mum and Working Self Employed Parent of the Year Category last year! She has the most wonderful way of knowing exactly what the vision is in your head, bringing her own creativity to the project and yet still keeping the integrity of your idea totally intact. For a woman that never had any intention of being self-employed I’d say she’s doing pretty damn well!

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