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The Bronze Mirror - Samantha Poole's Story

I met Sam quite a few years back now and we clicked straight away. She is a local entrepreneur with her finger in a lot of pies and every time I see her she has broadened her horizons even further and is a true testament to what you can do when you allow life to move you forward.

Sam owns the business Mum to Mum MK, this includes a thriving facebook group with more than thirteen thousand members and an incredibly successful directory website. She also has a fantastic networking business both online and in real world with meetings that help to grow peoples’ businesses and confidence, a PR company called PR Mum and is about to launch another venture too.

It was a circuitous route that lead her to creating and owning Mum to Mum, ten years ago Sam was a new mum enjoying motherhood and making plans to meet up with her NTC and other mum friends. When we spoke about she said that Mum to Mum was kind born out her hatred of sending lots of the same texts to different people!

When she wanted to meet up with her friends she quickly discovered that creating a group message was the best way to get contact everyone, soon her ability to bring people together and having her finger on the pulse of interesting things to do in MK meant that friends of her friends were asking to join the group. In time this organically grew and the facebook group Mum to Mum MK was born.

Soon vendors that wanted to advertise had to contribute financially to the cause and this money went to both charities and the running of the page and before she knew her group was thriving.

While her success was growing her and her then husband made the decision to move to Spain, while in the Spain Sam did what she does best and made an enormous success of running networking events etc there but for her own personal reason Sam just had to come back and lived in the UK.

She told me that during this time of transition Mum to Mum was her shining light and she was so glad she kept it going while in Spain. As the weeks turned into months it became clear that she was back in MK to stay so began the process of moving her life back here and forward to bigger and better things and what a move forward it’s been.

She now has monthly networking meetings, a successful networking group on facebook, a new PR company and Mum to Mum is bigger than ever before. Sam is one of those women who somehow lets tough times inspire her to push for more success, whilst also raising two beautiful boys and she does it all with strength and poise.

Facebook – Mum to Mum MK, PR Mum and SJPoole Network

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